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How to Protect From Bad EMFs

MeterYou have to know where the sources of EMFs are in your everyday world and how strong these sources are. Is there wiring in the wall behind your bed that you don't even know about? Is the vaporizer emitting strong fields in the baby's room? How much EMFs are you and your family getting from the power lines in the street? Get a meter and test the areas where you spend time.

There are simple solutions like taking appropriate distance from these EMF sources. For example move your bed away from the EMF hot source and use an ear piece for your cell phone. If distance is not an option than put proper shielding in place or try to turn of or even throw out electrical appliances that you can do without!

For common household appliances there are guidelines set for limits of exposure to 50 Hz electric and magnetic fields. Source ICNIRP.

Exposure Characteristics Electric Fields kVm-1 (rms) Magnetic Fields Density MicroTesla (rms)
Occupational 10 500
General Public 5 100

(Source: ICNIRP) 1 Oersted = 1 Gauss = 100 microT = 0.1 mT

There are two types of products that will protect from harmful EMFs; one that shields and one that neutralizes EMF radiation. For example there are electroconductive coatings for shielding your home and office. A simpler and less expensive way is small devices that neutralize EMF radiation. Popular are pendants and cell phone chips that neutralize by retuning the EMF frequencies of electronic devices like mobile phones and computers to assimilate natural frequencies so they no longer cause harm to the body's DNA.

BIOPRO offers a variety of product solutions to today’s environmental hazards. We would highly recommend the BIOPRO Cell Chip and Harmonizer and BIOlife Pendant. BIOPRO products offer a solution to protect you against harmful EMF by utilizing a new technology called Energy Resonance Technology (ERT). ERT uses a specific blend of resonant frequencies or subtle energy fields required to harmonize the impact of EMF and protect your biofield.


For more information on shielding and protection from Electrosmog:


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Magnopro magnetic energy

Matching the natural frequencies of the body allow pulsed electromagnetic field (pemf) therapy to aid the body, while those frequencies that are different are extremely harmful emfs. Harmful emfs are commonly referred to as electrosmog. The Magnopro uses electromagnetic frequencies that are completely natural and harmless to the body. To read more about the electromagnetic fields of the Magnopro go to the Products page.

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